the second one wore supported Manchester United and wore red knickers, But, as usual, he swerved back onto the road just in time. replied her husband. A: Ask a Tottenham Hotspur supporter! What do you call a Tottenham Hotspur supporter who scores high on IQ tests?A cheat. A: Shoot the Tottenham Fan. T.Shirt for 2 weeks. ", Another said: "The fact Arsenal have to put that on their website shows how threatened they are of us nowadays. The next time the train goes through a tunnel I'll make another kissing noise and hit that Arsenal bastard again, harder. What does THFC stand for?Tottenham Heading For the Championship. Primary Taking to Twitter, a fan remarked: "Only Arsenal will duck a fixture against us then have the arrogance to drop a s*** trophy joke on the club website which isn't even true." Q: What is the difference between an Arsenal supporter and a baby? Q: What do you call a dead Tottenham Fan in a closet? Coach Ivan plays on passion but walkoff is a step too far, Transfer Talk: Bayern still keen on Kane despite new Choupo-Moting deal, Reiten's, Maanum's parallel paths in Norway intersect in League Cup final. Arsenals 100% win record start to the EPL season 2022-23 was finally ended after six games, and fans are speculating about a similar pattern in previous seasons post-Wenger era. "Because I'm not an Arsenal fan." The last title won on a Spurs ground? Q: What's the difference between Frequent Flyer Miles and Arsenal? A: A wind tunnel. 'The season's almost over!'. Why did Jos Mourinho got sacked by Spurs?He aint that special. Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in. ?A Space Invader.Jokes About ArsenalHow long has Tony Adams played for Arsenal?Donkeys years.Arsenal Football Club JokesHow many Arsenal players does it take to change a light bulb?Eleven - one to change it and ten to play the offside trap.Jokes About ArsenalHeard the one about David Seaman?He never keeps a clean sheet.Arsenal FC JokesWhen Gazza scored at Wembley, Seaman was all over the place.Arsenal FC JokesWhat's the difference between Paul Merson and the rest of the Arsenal team?One takes dope and the rest are dopes.Jokes About ArsenalWhat have Paul Merson and a can of Coca Cola got in common?Their both red and white and full of coke.Jokes ArsenalWhy is the pitch at Highbury so green?Because they keep putting lots of shit on it.Arsenal jokesHow come Arsenal fans don't fall asleep during a match?The smell of their ground keeps them awake.Arsenal JokesWhat's the highest selling item in the Arsenal souvenir shop?Pro-plus (sleep repellant).Best Arsenal JokesWhat's the second highest selling item in the Arsenal souvenir shop?Horlicks.Best Jokes About ArsenalWhat is the difference between Paul Merson and a former Arsenal player, surname George?One Charlie shoots, the other shoots Charlie.Arsenal JokesWhat is the difference between Jon Pertwee and Ray Parlour?Ray Parlour still looks like Worzel Gummidge.Arsenal FC JokesAt Highbury, what is the difference between the words 'disciplinary' and 'football'? 'Jokes About ArsenalWhy did God make Arsenal supporters smelly?So blind people could laugh at them too!FC Arsenal JokesWhat do you call 100 Arsenal supporters at the bottom of a cliff?A good start!Arsenal FC JokesWhat do you call a dead Gunner Fan in a closet?Last years winner of the hide and seek contest.Funny Arsenal JokesWhat do you say to a Gunners supporter with a good looking bird on his arm?Nice tattoo.Jokes ArsenalWhat do you call an Arsenal fan that does well on an IQ test?A cheat.Arsenal Funny JokesWhy do housewives love Arsenal?Because they stay on top for ages and come second!Arsenal Funny JokesAt Highbury, what is the difference between the words disciplinary and football?Disciplinary is the only one associated with the word action.Arsenal JokesHow come Arsenal fans dont fall asleep during a match?The smell of their ground keeps them awake.Jokes About ArsenalWhat do Arsenal fans do after Arsenal wins the Champions League?They put away their Play Stations.Jokes About ArsenalWhat do you call an Arsenal fan with half a brain?Gifted.Arsenal Super JokesWhat does a 3 pin plug and Arsenal Football Club have in common?Theyre both useless in Europe.Joking About ArsenalWhat is the second highest selling item in the Arsenal souvenir shop?Horlicks.Arsenal Hate JokesThe seven dwarfs are down in the mines when there is a cave-in.Snow White runs to the entrance and yells down to them.In the distance a voice shouts out "Arsenal" are good enough to win the European Cup. "Climb in, Father. The teacher is a little perturbed now, her face slightly red. "Because I'm not an Arsenal fan." I got sent off after 12 minutes!. A policeman was driving along one day when he saw a car in a ditch.When he looked inside he saw a deceased man with a spurs shirt on, a dildo up his arse, a pink tutu on, and a lot of over-the-top make-up. BETWEEN TOTTENHAM and ARSENAL FANS at NORTH LONDON DERBY Thogden 1.29M subscribers Join Subscribe 682K views 9 months ago Special atmosphere at North London Derby inside Tottenham stadium. There is, however, one exception. Arsenal fans still sing his name with pride and affection. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. I'll give you a lift!" ", The boy interrupts again: "I'm not a Rangers fan either. And she got very depressed. "Yes" replies Lukas "you should have my details on your computer". Plus tips on how to play better and interviews with the biggest names. Emmanuel Adebayor walks into a sperm donor bank in London The Gunners fan was thinking: 'That Spurs fan must have kissed Megan Fox who went to slap him, missed him and slapped me instead. "Why do I need help?" What does Tottenham joining a European super league feels like? Save the cups!" There was plenty for Arsenal fans to cheer about on Sunday, as they increased their lead at the top of the Premier League table to eight points, with a win over local rivals Tottenham Hotspur at Spurs' own ground. Spurs supporters were left annoyed over the message, as they insisted that it was an unnecessary cheap shot. It only receives one station! )Wenger you going to stop being so mediocre, Arsenal? All the while, a newspaper reporter who was taking a stroll through the park is watching. Explore the lighter side of being an Arsenal fan! She immediately turns the car around and heads back to the dealer. On the way, she says, "Classical". Q: What's the difference between a fat chick and a Spurs striker? Whats the difference between The Emirates and a cactus?With the cactus, the pricks are on the outside. He thought he would do a good deed, so he pulled over and asked the priest, "Where are you going, Father?" Entering your story is easy to do. Theyre shit and we cant be bothered.Maradona looks at them and says Well I know Im a bit fat and old, but I reckon I can beat them by myself, you lads go down the pub. So Maradona goes out to play Spurs by himself and the rest of the West Ham team go off for a few beers.After a few pints, they wonder how the game is going, so they get the landlord to put the TV on. The jibe is common between the two sets of fans. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Santa: What do you want for Christmas?Arsenal fan: I want a dragon.Santa: Come on. You can ask questions concerning the past, present, or future, whatever you want to know, but you only get one question per person for the sake of time.The Manchester United supporter pushes the other two aside and exclaims, God! What does an Arsenal fan do when he sees a blue bird flying?Shoots it and then gives it to a Spurs Fan. It's North London Derby time. "That's no reason," she says loudly. A: Kick his sister in the mouth Why did the Spurs have been forced to rename their ground White Lane?Because their Hart was surgically removed when Berbatov and Keane were sold. You have a gun with two bullets. One turns to the other and says "Hey Arthur! But in amid the delight and schadenfreude enveloping the red half of north London, there is a lesson, too, for Arsenal fans about the sport's cyclical nature. A: They can't string three "Ws" together. A: Dress her in a Manchester United jersey! "Certainly Sir" replies the receptionist, "have you donated before?". A: Last years winner of the hide and seek contest. 'Of course I wouldn't!' The receptionist replies A. ", So the reporter starts again: "Gooner git kills family pet". Theres nothing to worry about, lad, said the elderly chap standing next to himIts like the bombs during the war. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). The policeman said to himself I cant let his family see him like this, so before calling them, he took the Spurs shirt off. "I've good news and bad news for you this morning, sir." He replied, "Arsenal to win the premiership. A subscription makes a thoughtful gift for both family and friends. You can Save the Tottenham Jokes For Arsenal Fans here. ''Did you visit the Wailing Wall? "Oh yes, I've found your details" says the receptionist "but I see you're going to need help. Its God, and he says, Welcome! A: Even a fat chick scores every once in a while! A: You paint Red Devils on his dick and he won't beat it for 4 years! Q: Why are Arsenal jokes getting dumb and dumber? Jokes About Arsenal What do you call an Arsenal fan in a 3 bedroom semi? The fan had got down to the front of the stand, stood on the hoardings and aimed a kick at Ramsdale, before being pushed away by a steward and disappearing back up the stands. "I'd like to donate some sperm" he says to the receptionist. I hope you have enjoyed reading all of these Arsenal jokes as much as I have :DPlease feel free to read more about Arsenal FC from the links below Would you prefer to share this page with others by linking to it? Whatever the reason for Tottenham's collapse, it gave Arsenal fans a rare excuse to self-combust in laughter and waved them off for the summer by gifting them the most enjoyable moment of the 2015-16 campaign. How he fit a regulation pitch down there, we still don't know. On that occasion, the fan lifted his phone in the air showing the Arsenal badge on his screen, before putting it away and sinking back into the Stamford Bridge seats. What two Tottenham players make a Liverpool goalie?Alli-Son Becker. 'My daddy is a dancer at a gay bar. Suddenly the train went through a tunnel and, as it was an old style train, there were no lights in the carriages and it went completely dark. If you use a smartphone, you can also use the drawer menu of the browser you are using. "Let's hear the good news," the president replied. Turn off the PlayStation. I waited for Two hours in the cold.". To receive credit as the author, enter your information below. Q: What is the shortest book in the world called? FourFourTwo is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. At a local derby between Arsenal and Spurs last season, a spectator suddenly found himself in the thick of dozens of flying bottles. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, This Arsenal team is demonstrating dominance and superiority over their opponents. The Englishman made the move to Arsenal after his contract at fierce rivals Tottenham had A: Because all the cups are in Manchester. The Gunners have left supporters in shock for mocking their North London rivals over their lack of silverware through their online shop. (Emery who? I came up with this today at the grocery store, and I'm not a dad, so all you dads out there, here's one for your arsenal. "Well, it says on your record that you're a useless wanker.", (Gunner who? Go to Arsenal's store (opens in new tab). What should you do? More likely, the mental wounds inflicted by losing the league from 2-0 up away to Chelsea, raw and on display as they conceded twice and resorted to a stunning array of fouls, kicks and one infamous eye-gouge, simply could not be healed. The priest climbed into the passenger seat, and they continued down the road. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. Thinking quickly, his friend rips a plank of wood from a fence, forces it into the dog's collar and twists it, breaking the dog's neck. Please refresh the page and try again. Q: You're trapped in a room with a Lion, Cobra snake and an Tottenham Hotspur Fan. She replied "One of my friends said you are a Pedophile.". Your Dark Sage Green Aesthetic Pictures images are accessible in this blog. Did you hear about the ref who was flashed by a soccer team?He saw arsenal. NuzzlesK 8 yr. ago See the top comment. ", Feeling the need to point out their trophies won, this fan messaged: "Last time I checked, 3 European Trophies, 2 League Titles, 8 FA Cups, 4 League Cups.". Such as png, jpg, animated gifs, pic art, symbol, blackandwhite, pix, etc. Tottenham fans responded in similar fashion to a jibe made by Thierry Henry this week. We Have got 7 picture about Tottenham Jokes For Arsenal Fans images, photos, pictures, backgrounds, and more. Q: Why do people like driving a car with a Gunners fan? How does Arsenal do in Europe?They 10-2 get knocked out. Some shocking goalkeeping by Hugo Lloris allowed the visitors to go ahead in just the 14th minute, with the recent World Cup runner up dropping a shot that was straight at him into the goal. Tottenham are simply incapable of finishing above their rivals; the football gods will not allow it. Which football team uses the most toilet paper?Arsenal. ", boasts the little girl. The Arsenal fan said I'm not hungry. I set my XBOX password to "Arsenal Defense". The former Sky Sports presenter has long had a bee in his bonnet about the Arsenal manager being outside of his technical area for long periods of matches. (Whos there?)Gunner. The teacher is now angry. Why do ducks fly over White Hart Lane upside down? Q: What's the difference between onions and a Tottenham supporter? not knowing where the noise came from, he glanced in his mirrors but still didn't see anything. Q: Whats the difference between Arsenal F.C. "I'm going to give Mass at St. Francis church, about two miles down the road," replied the priest. now = new Date(); year = now.getYear(); But in amid the delight and schadenfreude enveloping the red half of north London, there is a. . I'll give you a lift!" Why did Jesus join Arsenal?He wanted to join a team where everyone is called Gabriel. You all know its familiar contours: fail to challenge for the title, cling on for a Champions League place, finish second in the group stage in the following season and then get knocked out at the last-16. PREMIER LEAGUEArsenal charged by FA following red card complaints in defeat to Man City, DEADLINE DAYBarcelona boss Xavi warned NOT to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, OPINION5 reasons it's a GOOD thing the Gunners didn't sign anyone in January, Thank you for reading 5 articles this month* Join now for unlimited access, Enjoy your first month for just 1 / $1 / 1, *Read 5 free articles per month without a subscription. The car radio automatically switches to a Rolling Stones tune. The car radio automatically switches to an Arse match on Capital "Gooner" Gold. A: The bucket. What do you say to a Spurs fan with a good-looking bird on his arm?Nice tattoo. "That's no reason," she says loudly. Q: Which sexual position produces the ugliest children? A: He turns off the PlayStation. What do Tottenham Hotspur and excellent wine have in common?They both spend a lot of time in the cellar, cost too much, and are only enjoyed on select occasions. An encyclopedia of football shirts and boots knowledge both past and present Mark has also been to the FA Cup and League Cup finals for FFT and has written pieces for the mag ranging on subjects from Bobby Robson's season at Barcelona to Robinho's career. It reads: "Your basket is as empty as Tottenham's trophy cabinet.". 62 NuzzlesK 8 yr. ago What does an Arsenal fan do when his team wins a trophy? A. A: Mosquitoes are only annoying in the summer. A: Because all the cups are in Manchester. A: Intelligent Arsenal supporters. Enjoy the team's latest comic relief and have a laugh at their expense, from FIFA to Scunthorpe! The Arsenal supporter prays to God, When will Arsenal win the Premier League again? , to which God replies, In 20 years. The admirer, like the first, is visibly upset, saying, Thats a shame, Ill probably be dead by then.God then turns his attention to the last man, asking, And what of you, my son? What exactly is your question? not knowing where the noise came from, he glanced in his mirrors but still didn't see anything. Their club had been formed in 1886 in Woolwich and we had first played them in 1887, leading 2-1 when the game was abandoned by the referee because of poor light. Heres how it works. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. So the guy from Manchester says, well since I'm from ManCHESTer, i'll get the chest. and they also made jokes . I want Arsenal to win the Champions League.Santa: So what color of the dragon are we talking about here? He takes another one and jumps.The third passenger was Mikel Arteta: I am the Manager of Arsenal FC and I am one of the most creative, most intelligent, and well-remembered football players. Unleash your creativity & share you story! Did you hear about Arsenals 6th consecutive season in Europa League?They are going to visit places we have only seen in Bible to play football. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Whats a pirates favorite football club?Arrrrrrrsenal. "Arsenal Story JokesTwo men are fishing on a river bank in a remote area of the River Thames on a Saturday afternoon miles away from any radio or tv.Suddenly one man turns to the other and says "The Gunners have lost again. View our online Press Pack. A booming voice welcomes them as they walk through the doors. Find your nearest supporters club. A pause, and a smile. FC Arsenal Funny Jokes And they only scored at the very very end, said the teammates.Maradonna says, No, No, I have, Ive let you down! A: Frequent Flyer Miles earn points. Do that, and Arsenal fans won't even have to rely on Tottenham's annual failings to put a smile on their faces. How many Arsenal fans does it take to change a lightbulb?None. Maybe Tottenham's inferiority complex is so pronounced that even as Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino tried to warn that no good would come of the obsession with finishing above Arsenal, it's because a self-destructive, self-fulfilling prophecy that resulted in Spurs taking only two points from their past four games of the season. 0 Comments. The Gunners raced to a two-goal lead in the first half of the north London derby as they t The first cat says "as we live at the football stadium let's divide it by team. Two days on and it still doesn't seem real: the dreamlike final weekend of the season, which in its sweeping drama proved once again that Tottenham will manage to unearth increasingly amazing ways, performing bizarre acts of contortion, to finish below Arsenal in the Premier League table. Tottenham Jokes For Arsenal Fans are a topic that is being searched for and appreciated by netizens today. The teacher asks her why she has decided to be different. What do you call a dead Tottenham Fan in a closet?Last years winner of the hide and seek contest.